Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Funny Looking Angels

Jacket - vintage 
Dress- Topshop
Converse - Office
Lipstick - Revlon Black Cherry 

You may or may not remember's been a while...

This is not only my first post of 2015 but also my first post for the last 6 months or so, whoop! If you're interested to know what I've been up to, check out my Youtube channel for a little update video which will be coming shortly!

But you've not come to hear about life and general mundane waffle...let's cut to the chase and get down to the clothes...

Now stop me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure I do say this about 99% of the outfits I blog, but I really mean it this time...this outfit is my ABSOLUTE DREAM. It's grungy, girlie, practical and a little bit sassy all at once! 

The dress was a bargain in the Topshop sale a couple of years ago. It's an absolute fairytale of lace and chiffon with a high neck, but for someone with a reasonable bosom and gut, it's definitely got the potential to turn you from floaty fairy to bundled up pudding...! 

To err on the side of caution and avoid any pudding-style scenarios I paired it with this oversized denim jacket, converse and gothic lip. The whole look just seems to pull together into a satisfying eclectic mash that would be perfect for pretty much any occasion from work to play!  

T x

p.s. I've missed y'all, hope you had the most amazing Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2015 is going to be good, promise! xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

On Wednesday I had the privilege of attending the Company #StyleBlogger Awards at the Oval Space in East London! 

It was an amazing evening spent in the company of all those incredible bloggers I've been following for years, #fangirling all over the place! 

MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my blog - I was shortlisted for an award and although I didn't win even being nominated was such an achievement for my teeny little blog and I honestly couldn't have got this far without the support from my readers & viewers. It honestly still baffles me that people are actually interested in what I have to say so thank you so so much for your support - means the world to me! *sob*

As unorganised as I am I totally forgot to charge my slr and hardly took any pictures, but did manage to bring along my point & shoot to capture some "vlog" footage - cue much shaky camera work and blurry film - so if you're interested to see what we got up to, do check out the below vid! 

Over the next month or so I'm having a complete life overhaul and so many things are changing. I will be doing a video on it asap so please keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel for that but for a heads up I will be absent from my blog for a month or so until everything settles down again..but I'll still be on my Instagram(abritishbunny) so check that out if you fancy keeping up with me! 

T x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Peppermint Penny

Jumper - Topshop
Pleather Skirt - H&M
Plimsolls - New Look
Nail Varnish - Topshop "Venus Fly Trap"

So I realise that I've been a completely useless blogger recently...a thousand apologies...things have been absolutely crazy busy in my work, personal and home life over the last couple of weeks AND then I went to Valencia for a week so I haven't had time to breathe let alone blog, but now I'm back!

This is the outfit I wore for an all day birthday bbq last weekend and I love it! The cropped jumper is the first piece of clothing I've bought from Topshop in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and, although I have no idea what possessed me to pair it with the least summery item in my wardrobe, I quite like the look of the soft minty knit with the structured pleather.

As it was a bbq heels definitely weren't an option so I threw on my New Look plimsolls. These have been glued to my feet since I picked them up for a bargain £9.99 last week and they're super comfy, perfect for dancing on the tables...but that's a whole other story!

I've got a couple of mega life changes coming up over the next month or so and may be pretty sporadic with my blogging but if you're at all interested to know what I'm up to, please check out my YouTube channel for update videos!

Hope you're all having a lovely week, fingers crossed for continued sunshine!

T x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Archtops

Dress - H&M
Boots - New Look (sale)
Socks - Primark 

Last weekend Dan and I took a little trip to Southend to watch our friends band "The Archtops" play. The weather was glorious and balmy when we left so tights and a coat weren't even considered...but at the seaside it was frigging ARCTIC and super windy so in hindsight it might have been a wise idea to wrap up!

If I'm honest, H&M may have been partly to blame for my lack of common sense and warm clothing. I picked up this little jem of a dress for £14.99 the other day and with it's chunky stripe print, shift shape and high neck it was too beaut to hide...

The gig was amaaaaaazing and we had the best night ever. There are no words for how musically talented those boys are, they had everyone up dancing and singing along in no time! They're playing a couple of wicked dates over the Summer so if you're at all interested, do check them out HERE.  

T x

Thank you so much to all of you who voted for me in the Company Blogger Awards! It means so much to me and I love you alllllllllllllllllllllllll. Voting has closed so now I guess we just have to wait and see what happens!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Growing Up Easy

Dress - Missguided (last year) 
Boots - New Look (sale) 

It's getting to that point in my life when I'm starting to realise that my friends are growing up. Over the last 12 months things have started to change. Nights out have been replaced with mid week bookclub, vodka and skittles swapped for wine and cheese, weddings are being planned, houses bought and the some are even having children!

Last Sunday was the day of my friend Rachel's baby shower. A day to officially confirm that she will soon become a mother and is therefore more grown up than the rest of us put together! It's absolutely terrifying and totally amazing in equal measure.

In my mind baby showers are a bit of a nondescript when it comes to dress code and quite tricky to dress for, but in the end I opted for this old Missguided skater dress. It was on my lust list for Summer 2013 but by the time I finally got my hands on it, the weather had turned and the poor thing's been sitting in my cupboard waiting for it's moment ever since!

My ratty old hair extensions made a reappearance *mental note - must buy a new set soon* and I topped the the whole look off with my New Look stomper boots to stop it becoming EVEN MORE frothy and girlie.

The whole day was lovely. We ate baby food, chose baby names, unwrapped presents and serenaded the momma to be with tunes from Frozen before heading home clutching our party bags!

I can't wait to meet the little one (not long now!) and with aunties like these it's going to be the best dressed bub around!

T x

I've been shortlisted for the Company Blogger Awards 2014 so thank you so much if you've already voted! I just need more votes to get through to the next round so if you fancy helping me out I'd love it if you could follow this link and select my blog (A British Bunny) in the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer award (pg 2) and then click through the next pages  and enter your name and email on the final page when requested. 
Thank youuuuuuuuuuu, much love